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specialty silica for catalyst carrier applications

SIPERNAT® Specialty Silica grades are suitable for various areas of catalyst manufacturing. They serve:
  • As a silica source for zeolite synthesis
  • As a process aid, e.g. as a binder or rheology control agent during slurry processing
  • As a main constituent for catalyst carrier materials to provide a controlled surface area and porosity for the final catalytic system
Advantages offered for manufacturing of catalyst supports are:
  • High surface area and controlled pore size distribution help to design superior characteristics of shaped catalyst supports or monoliths
  • Pore size distributions tunability, where micro-, meso-, and macro-pores can be tailored
  • Surface properties can be easily modified by means of the chemistry of surface silanol groups
  • SIPERNAT® specialty silica offer superior processability during extrusion
SIPERNAT® specialty silica grades provide a wide range of fine-sized silica materials that can be formed to appropriate shape size and geometry by the catalyst manufacturer. Special grades are available that provide a well-defined porosity.
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SIPERNAT® specialty silica for catalyst carrier
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