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SIPERNAT® facilitates the dosing of feed additives and premixes and avoids lumps

SIPERNAT® as carrier for liquid feed additives

Many of the additives used in animal feed, such as vitamins, feed acids, choline chloride solutions, pigment dispersions or antioxidants, occur in liquid form and have to be mixed into a powder or granulate premix. Your customers require free flowing powders or granulates that can easily be mixed in with other dry feedstuff. As a producer of absorbates you convert the liquids into a powder and enable your customer to distribute the valuable additives homogeneously in order to deliver quality feed products.
Sipernat Sipernat
Absorbate of vitamin E acetate on SIPERNAT® 2200
This requires using specifically designed carrier substances for the active ingredients. The solution is the range of carrier products called SIPERNAT®. They are highly absorptive, free flowing, chemically inert and physiologically safe. The finished absorbate consists of 30-50 percent silica with the particle size and handling properties determined by the carrier. For free flowing, dust free absorbates, Evonik has especially developed the silica grade SIPERNAT® 2200.

SIPERNAT® as flow aid for powdery additives or premixes

As a producer of premixes, you want to provide your customers with free flowing powders that will not cake when stored. Very often, mineral premixes, vitamin premixes and other powder-form additives are not sufficiently free flowing on their own. The addition of 0.5 – 2 percent of a hydrophilic or 0.1 - 0.5 percent of a hydrophobic SIPERNAT® grade will significantly improve the flow properties while reducing caking tendency. As result, valuable feed additives can be dosed more evenly and more accurately, dramatically improving handling and minimizing expensive downtime.

Copper sulfate without and with the addition of SIPERNAT®

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