Paints and coatings

"As the world’s largest producer of precipitated silica, Evonik Industies AG offers with SIPERNAT® and ACEMATT® two excellent product ranges for the coatings- and emulsion paint industry. SIPERNAT® 820 A is quite commonly used as a partial replacement for TiO2 Pigments in emulsion paints and other architectural coatings.

SIPERNAT® 820 A acts as a “spacer”, by arranging itself optimally between the dispersed pigment particles of titanium dioxide. Consequently, SIPERNAT® 820 A can optimize the maximum amount of titanium dioxide white pigment in the paint necessary to enhance the formulation´s hiding power and whiteness.

SIPERNAT® 820 A has a comparatively low specific density. This affects an increase in volume of the finished paint and provides a further interesting viewpoint.

By using SIPERNAT® 820 A effects can be achieved in decorative coatings, which can not be attained with natural products. Flat or satin gloss systems and primers in particular offer opportunities for compensating part of the white pigments loss in hiding power. Primer containing SIPERNAT® 820 A have outstanding opacity and filling power, are faster surface-drying, and show better through-drying. They also stand up better to abrasive treatment. Primers with SIPERNAT® 820 A level out well and present an excellent substrate for high-gloss finishes. Furthermore SIPERNAT® 820 A acts as an anti-settling agent for fillers and pigments in primers and semi satin gloss paints.