SIPERNAT® facilitates the dosing of feed additives and premixes and avoids lumps

SIPERNAT® as carrier for liquid feed additives

Many of the additives used in animal feed, such as vitamins, feed acids, choline chloride solutions, pigment dispersions or antioxidants, occur in liquid form and have to be mixed into a powder or granulate premix. Your customers require free flowing powders or granulates that can easily be mixed in with other dry feedstuff. As a producer of absorbates you convert the liquids into a powder and enable your customer to distribute the valuable additives homogeneously in order to deliver quality feed products.


Absorbate of vitamin E acetate on SIPERNAT® 2200 

This requires using specifically designed carrier substances for the active ingredients. The solution is the range of carrier products called SIPERNAT®. They are highly absorptive, free flowing, chemically inert and physiologically safe. The finished absorbate consists of 30-50 percent silica with the particle size and handling properties determined by the carrier. For free flowing, dust free absorbates, Evonik has especially developed the silica grade SIPERNAT® 2200. SIPERNAT® as flow aid for powdery additives or premixes


As a producer of premixes, you want to provide your customers with free flowing powders that will not cake when stored. Very often, mineral premixes, vitamin premixes and other powder-form additives are not sufficiently free flowing on their own. The addition of 0.5 – 2 percent of a hydrophilic or 0.1 - 0.5 percent of a hydrophobic SIPERNAT® grade will significantly improve the flow properties while reducing caking tendency. As result, valuable feed additives can be dosed more evenly and more accurately, dramatically improving handling and minimizing expensive downtime.

Copper sulfate without and with the addition of SIPERNAT®

Brochures about Feed and Food



Fact Sheet: Improving your milling process with AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica  (pdf, 152 KB)

AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® products help to keep your mill clean and ensure the flowability of your fine product.


Fact Sheet: SIPERNAT® Improving the handling of organic acids  (pdf, 270 KB)

Add a liquid organic acid into your dry premix with our SIPERNAT® specialty carrier silica.


Industry Brochure: SIPERNAT® Specialty Silica in the animal feed industry  (pdf, 1.79 MB)

Handling is becoming an increasingly important issue for feed additive processors, whose customers prefer products that can be dispensed with precision and certainty in automated processes.


Industry Information 2124: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® for the Salt Industry  (pdf, 1.14 MB)

SIPERNAT® specialty silica as well as AEROSIL® fumed silica help to keep salt flowable and prevent caking. This brochure gives product recommendations.


Industry Information 2129: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® in the Food Industry  (pdf, 1.13 MB)

SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® products help to dose powdered ingredients easily and accurately.


Technical Information 1213: Specialty silica as flow aid, anticaking agent and carrier substance  (pdf, 624 KB)

Recommended mixing procedures for powders and granulates Specialty Silica have found their way with numerous applications into many branches of industry. This also applies to their use as carrier for liquid or pasty substances as well as the application as flow aid for powdered or granular products. Due to their fineness and low bulk density mixing with other ingredients is somehow sophisticated. This Technical Information gives some recommendation on suitable mixing equipment and how to use it, when Specialty Silica are concerned.


Technical Information 1213: Specialty silica as flow aid, anticaking agent and carrier substance  (pdf, 1.08 MB)

Recommended mixing procedures for powders and granulates Specialty Silica have found their way with numerous applications into many branches of industry.


Technical Information 1351: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® as flow aid and anticaking agent  (pdf, 384 KB)

A good flowability is the prerequisite for handling powders properly, discharching them easily out of a silo and dosing them exactly. However, many powders are highly cohesive and the proper processing thereforce is a challenge.


Technical Information 1356: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® in Powdered Drinks  (pdf, 1.29 MB)

AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica are essential for smooth manufacturing of a high quality instant beverage. Good flowability and lack of caking tendency of the used dry ingredients and the final mixture are of the utmost importance. Excellent flow behavior of all compounds is crucial for manufacturers for accurate dosing and processing of powders. For consumers ease of handling of the instant drink is favorable, too; as this means increased convenience. Minimized caking tendency is important for retaining the quality of the instant beverage, even under sometimes adverse storage conditions in foodservice restaurants or at the consumer’s home. When caking of ingredients in the powdered beverage is inhibited, it might be possible to reduce the moisture barrier in the packaging, thus helping to reduce packaging costs.


Technical Information 1364: AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® for spices and seasonings  (pdf, 848 KB)

Various factors must be considered, when choosing the right flow and anti-caking aid for spices and seasoning. Depending on your product and the specific manufacturing process, the type and dosage of the added Performance Silica needs to be carefully selected. When free-flow and caking-inhibition during storage is key for you, AEROSIL® 200 F or SIPERNAT® 50 S could be suitable options. If dust-minimization while improving the flowability is important at your plant, formulations including AEROSIL® 200 F or SIPERNAT® 350 or SIPERNAT® 22 S should be tested. For maintaining the colour and good flowability SIPERNAT® 350 or AEROSIL® 200 F are successful options.


Technical Information 1365: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® in spray applications  (pdf, 416 KB)

SIPERNAT® specialty silica and AEROSIL® fumed silica can improve the spray drying of many difficult-to-spray dry materials. These include chicken or beef purees, HVP (hydrolyzed vegetable protein) containing formulae, yeasts and whey extracts, pet food flavors, dairy products, hygroscopic flavors, and many more.


Technical Information 1367: Converting Liquids to Dry Flowable Powders and Retaining Flavors on SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL®  (pdf, 320 KB)

SIPERNAT® Specialty Silica and AEROSIL® Fumed Silica are referred to as a “carrier” when they are used to hold and absorb liquids in the production of a dry, free-flowing powder. Any size silica product can be used as a carrier; making either coarse or fine absorbates.


Technical Information 1386: AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® for free flowing and non-caking sugars and sugar alcohols  (pdf, 634 KB)

To ensure a convenient as well a efficient handling of sugars without time and resource consuming measures to break agglomerates again, it is important to reduce caking and avoid formation of lumps reliably.


Technical Information 1405: Improving performance of high fat containing and soft powders with AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® products  (pdf, 295 KB)

Powders of soft materials such as fats, milk powders with high fat content, non-dairy creamers or emulsifiers are especially challenging in handling and transport. Particularly on long term storage or on long transportation time they tend to cake significantly. The problem becomes even worse when soft products are exposed to changing temperatures or pressures because soft or thermoplastic powders are deformed at rising temperatures or applied pressures. Comprehensive studies on soft and fat powders showed how AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica improve the performance of high fat containing and soft powders.


Technical Information 1410: Improving performance of milled powder with AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica  (pdf, 1.39 MB)

Easier milling and improving of free flow / anticaking properties of milled powders at the same time.


Technical Information 1427: Safe, Smart, Sustainable! Evonik silicon dioxide in food.  (pdf, 3.37 MB)

This new Brochure informs about the safety of Evonik silica products in food, and addresses questions on definitions of the term "nano".


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