SIPERNAT® helps handling and dosing powdered ingredients easily and accurately


When used in industrial processes, powdered ingredients, such as seasonings, fruit powders or table salt, usually are added by automated dosing systems. For the quality of the food ingredient, a constant and accurate dosing is crucial. Bad flowability of a powder will lead to erratic dosing and an unsatisfactory quality of the final product.

As a manufacturer of powdered ingredients you can help your customer to make dosing easier. SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® types improve the flowability of your products. An additional advantage is their large absorption capacity, which enables them to take up moisture or oil from the powder’s surface and reduce stickiness considerably. This helps to ensure the high quality of your product during transport and storage.

In case you spray dry your ingredients e.g. vegetable powder, whey powder, egg powder, or coffee creamer, during production caking can occur on the inner wall of the spray drier, which makes regular cleaning necessary. The addition of SIPERNAT® precipitated silica or AEROSIL® fumed silica directly into the spray tower, separately from the slurry, reduces the caking and minimizes expensive downtimes. Furthermore, this addition saves a mixing step and increases your throughput.

Advantages at a glance: 

  • Improved powder flowability

  • Reduced caking tendency

  • Exact dosing

  • Improved storage stability

  • Increased productivity

  • Constant quality

  • Minimized dust generation

  • Reliable food grade silica quality

  • High purity

  • Cost savings

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