Paper, film- and textile coatings

SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® for sizing and coating of paper, films and textiles

Today, numerous types of substrates such as papers, films, textiles, etc. are available to the print industry.

Print media are purposely designed to function with a specific printing technology and ink or toner. Printable products are classified by the markets in a wide variety of ways. In general, these grades can be categorized by:

  • basis weight & furnish

  • aesthetics (color, gloss, texture)

  • physical properties

  • surface treatment and finish

  • print performance

  • end use or market segment

The products of Evonik Industries are specifically engineered, using precise controls in the manufacturing process, to meet the requirements and the needs of the papermaker, paper converter or producer of coated textiles and films.


Comparison of SIPERNAT® (left) and AEROSIL® (right) structure by TEM photograph

Many components used in the paper and film industries are applied onto the substrate surface, (e.g. as a coating), or dispersed in the paper or film as a filler.


SEM cross-section of paper with inorganic filler

Other components used in the paper industry are formulated for surface treatment (e.g. sizing) in order to fulfill special quality requirements or to prepare the surface for an after-treatment, such as a coating.




EXP 4115-1: For high speed IJ and hybrid printing functionality  (pdf, 1.54 MB)


Industry Information 2243: Products for the paper and film industry  (pdf, 763 KB)


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