Personal Care Cosmetics Sipernat - Fusspeeling

The versatile and eco-friendly exfoliator

Naturally Sipernat® PC


  • Certified as Nature identical by COSMOS and NATRUE

  • High compatibility with aqueous and non-aqueous formulations and with a wide range of ingredients

  • Cover the full range of scrub formulations, enabling different desquamation and sensory properties

  • Portfolio with different particle sizes, morphologies and hardness for different skin sensitivity (e. g. face, body, feet)

  • Globally available in consistent and tightly controlled quality

SIPERNAT® 22 PC is a silica, that combines a high absorption capacity together with a good flowability. It is our basic recommendation as a carrier silica for converting any kind of liquid into free flowing powders.


SIPERNAT® 2200 PC is a micro-granular silica with spherical particles, low fines content and high absorption capacity.


Sensory Modifier

  • Certified as nature identical by COSMOS and NATRUE

  • Mattifying effect and gloss reduction due to oil binding properties

  • Provides sensory modification such as elegant skin feel and a natural, even appearance

  • Good spread ability in both, oil-in-water and water-in-oil formulations

  • Consistent and strictly controlled quality with global availability

SIPERNAT® 11 PC is a hydrated silica providing particles well below the sensory threshold.

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