SIPERNAT® in special applications

Construction Industry

In the construction industry SIPERNAT® helps to optimize the microstructure of building materials. The cohesion and adhesion of building materials as for example renders is increased. Acting as highly reactive puzzolan Performance Silicas lead to a higher early strength of cementeous materials.

Fire Extinguishers

Once a fire breaks out, fire extinguishers taken to help must work. The safety of human life and the prevention of greater damages to property can well depend on the reliability of the extinguisher. This function of the extinguisher has to be guaranteed also if it has already has been standing around for some time.

To be able to guarantee this producers of fire extinguisher powder turn to SIPERNAT®. Performance Silicas of the product line SIPERNAT® serve two purposes in this application:

  • They help grinding raw materials of fire extinguisher powders to a very fine particle size and prevent clogging in the 
         milling equipment. SIPERNAT® absorbs to the surface of the particles and prevents their re-agglomeration.
         The hydrophilic type SIPERNAT® 22 S and the hydrophobic SIPERNAT® D 17 have proven as standard materials for

         this application.

  • As fire extinguisher powders are mostly coated with silicon oil a treatment with SIPERNAT® minimizes the caking over
         time. Thereby ability of the powder to be fluidized and become freely flowing in case of an emergency is greatly



For this purpose the hydrophobic silicas SIPERNAT® D 10 and SIPERNAT® D 17 are the products of choice. In special cases AEROSIL® R 972 can also be used.

SIPERNAT® specialty silica for the construction industry

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