As a Zeolite of high purity, SIPERNAT® 44 MS is used as an antiblocking agent in polyolefins for excellent haze- and CoF values at high masterbatch loadings. more


A sodium aluminum silicate with a high level of whiteness and reduced coarse particles, which is highly recommended for partial substitution of white pigments in emulsion paints, as a matting agent for silk glossy paint systems and as a filler in printing inks.

SIPERNAT® 820 A is also used as a special-purpose filler for mechanical graphics papers, as an extender for titanium dioxide in papermaking, and as a white pigment for coated papers. It has beneficial effects on reducing possible ink bleeding, the printability, smoothness and friction coefficient of the paper, as well as enhancing pitch control. more


This calcium silicate is used as a flow and anticaking agent in many applications. It can be used as a carrier for acid sensitive active ingredients in plant protection requiring a slightly alkaline pH-value. In addition, SIPERNAT® 880 is an auxiliary in polychloroprene adhesives. more