Technical Information 1313: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® for Defoamer  (pdf, 742 KB)

Foam is detrimental to most poduction processes. The use of foam control agents containing Evonik SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® grades is a cost-effective method preventing for foam problems.


Technical Information 1360: SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® - an Essential in Industrial Powder Technology  (pdf, 245 KB)

Performance Silica have found their way with numerous applications into many branches of industry. This also applies to their use as carrier for liquid or pasty substances as well as the application as flow aid for powdered or granular products. With numerous hydrophilic and hydrophobic AEROSIL® Fumed Silica as well as Sipernat® Precipitated Silica, Evonik offers the best choice of problem solvers worldwide.


Technical Information 1381: AEROSIL® and SIPERNAT® - Efficient booster for defoamer in paints and coatings  (pdf, 448 KB)

Hydrophobic silica products are well known as efficient booster for defoamer formulations which are used in a variety of industries and applications. This Technical Brochure describes how AEROSIL® fumed silica and SIPERNAT® specialty silica products from Evonik effectively enhance the performance of polyether-siloxane based defoamer formulations in three different latex binder systems commonly used in waterborne paints and coatings.


Technical Information 1382: Comparison of SIPERNAT® D 10 with in-situ hydrophobized fumed silica  (pdf, 356 KB)


Technical Information 1391: Improving Sedimentation Stability of SIPERNAT® D 10 in Mineral Oil based Defoamer Formulations  (pdf, 660 KB)

SIPERNAT® D 10 is well known in the industry as excellent booster silica for liquid and powder defoamer formulations. AEROSIL® fumed silica is often used to increase the viscosity and thixotropy of liquid formulations such as epoxy resins and special polyurethane systems. Therefore, we systematically studied the effect of selected AEROSIL® fumed silica grades on the sedimentation stability of different defoamer formulations containing SIPERNAT® D 10 as booster silica.